Johnny Manziel, We Hardly Knew Ye
Since the 2014 draft, numerous comparisons were made between Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel. Today, the two couldn't be further apart.
Benson Henderson and the Importance of Competition
With Benson Henderson jumping ship to Bellator FC, it could bring a newfound legitimacy to the promotion. And that's a good thing.
Mat Latos Could be the Steal of Free Agency
A one-year deal worth $3 million is all it took to get Mat Latos. Other teams might be kicking themselves for that come season's end.
In Inglewood, NFL Representation May Come with Taxation
The return of professional sports to Inglewood is lending hope to that city's residents, but will professional football be the fix-all solution?
Satchel Paige Joins the Indians
Today marks the 45th anniversary of Satchel Paige being voted into the Hall of Fame. We look back on his time with the Indians.
Super Bowl 50: Narrative, Denver's Defense Shine
Super Bowl 50 was ugly, but that's because the defense came to play.
The Wind Up: Baseball's Just About Here
With the Super Bowl tonight, we're getting that much closer to baseball season.
Football and Comedy
Ahead of Super Bowl 50, we look back at football's comedic history in Hollywood.
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Benson Henderson and the Importance of Competition