Ahmad Bradshaw Should Sign with the New York Jets

What colors will Bradshaw wear in 2013? (Getty)

The New York Jets are so far away from the Super Bowl this season, even Rex Ryan is afraid to talk about it. He won’t admit he is in a rebuilding year though, but I’m okay with that. That’s only because the Jets aren’t trying to rebuild. They just seem to be content falling apart. Even the “strongest” part of their game, played by the running back, is completely missing. That is why I am confident they will sign free agent Ahmad Bradshaw.

We’ve already seen what Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell can do; Even Tim Tebow would be more effective. And it would be more efficient on the organization’s behalf, but since I am not working for them, I won’t tell them how to run their team. The point is, they need a power back like they’ve always had. Mark Sanchez is not someone who can move the chains on 2nd and long. Their game plan has always been pound the ball and then pray Sanchez doesn’t throw a pick on 3rd and short. And it worked for a little while. Bradshaw can provide them with a strong presence in between the tackles.

Bradshaw is still young, but he has a decent sized workload. The good news is that he would fit into the Jets system because he has proven that he can carry the rock 250+ times a season. He is also more effective than Shonn Greene ever was, and has a nose for the end zone, with 32 career touchdowns.

What else are the Jets going to do? Rex knows Bilal Powell isn’t the answer, and it’s not like there are any other running backs on the market. Should they go after Michael Turner? I wouldn’t put it past them, but it seems like they are making a great choice for once by standing pat. Bradshaw is a perfect fit for the Jets, and they actually have some money to spend. The front office has been stalling with the Revis trade for what seems like forever, and it’s finally time they do something.

I’m not saying their offense would be complete with the addition of Bradshaw, but I wouldn’t feel so bad for them if he were in their backfield. He is a very capable safety blanket for Sanchez, and that opens up their playbook considerably. I’ve been wrong before, but I am fairly certain the New York Jets will sign Ahmad Bradshaw.

By: Jared Bissonnette
E-mail: jbissonnette@thefootballjuice.com
Twitter: @Jared_TFJ

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