Why We Need McGregor Versus Mayweather

Mayweather McGregor Is Happening

It was only a few months ago when the UFC’s Notorious Conor McGregor made history at UFC 205. In November, McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight title. “The Notorious” McGregor became the only fighter in UFC history to hold belts in different divisions at the same time.

His win cemented his place in UFC history as one of the best fighters in the sport. Moreover, his knockout only three minutes into the second round was as decisive and historic as his promise of “not taking part, taking over” had finally come to fruition.

In the boxing ring, there has not been an outspoken character quite like the great Floyd “Money” Mayweather. At 49-0, Mayweather is one of, if not, the best boxer of this era. While Mayweather was not exactly a power fighter similar to the likes of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, his speed and defense were like none other.

McGregor, the mixed martial artist, and Mayweather, the boxer, are similar in many ways.

Both fighters have never been shy around the cameras. They are both well-known for their outlandish and lavish lifestyles. Not to mention, their insane wealth from very successful fighting careers.

Having seemingly accomplished all that they’ve sought out to do in their monumental careers to this point, they want to make history once again. For the better part of the last few months, they have consistently been going back and forth trying to set up a historic fight of the decade. Because Mayweather is a boxer and McGregor predominately uses a boxing style of martial arts, it’s not completely out of the question that these two can actually meet in the ring.

While Mayweather has been constantly calling out McGregor to fight him, McGregor has been teasing Mayweather on social media with posts of him practicing his boxing. And, what looks like his intent to actually set up this very special fight.

And now it appears to finally be happening.

Various reports now indicate that the fighters have reached a multi-million dollar agreement to meet in the boxing ring. To the dismay of UFC President Dana White, who has publicly denounced the fight many times, this fight can shatter some of the UFC highest ratings. White has also stated that McGregor should enter serious talks with Mayweather after his UFC contract is up.

The details of their agreement, the fighting weight, the venue or when this fight will actually take place remains unclear. However, it’s impossible to think that this fight wouldn’t be an extraordinary show of verbal and fighting royalty.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mayweather has since dismissed the rumors with a series of messages on Twitter.

The trash talk in a McGregor-Mayweather fight would be incredible, but the matchup presents an interesting dynamic. Mayweather’s staple is his defense and speed while McGregor’s bread and butter is his power. In a fight between the two, Mayweather would either have to withstand or avoid McGregor’s brutal left hand. Or, it could be lights out for “Money” Mayweather.

However, it could be difficult for McGregor to catch up to Mayweather’s world-class speed and footwork. Mayweather has defeated many of the sport’s legends like Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto and José Luis Castillo. McGregor’s power may not even be an advantage considering some of boxing’s best could not catch up to Mayweather. The Irishman has never faced an opponent like Mayweather. “Money” would force him to completely change his approach in a boxing match. He likes to utilize his kicks to establish his range in the octagon while his own boxing defense remains questionable at best. To be fair, McGregor has never needed to use it.

The good news for McGregor is that Mayweather can’t take him to ground. The good news for Mayweather, however, is that McGregor is fighting in his sport.

Mayweather is currently retired but will be known as the best boxer of his generation. While he was the top fighter of his day, the legacy of his career was slightly tainted by the failure of the Manny Pacquiao fight that never was. While they did fight, it was a few years past their primes. This would be a landmark victory for Mayweather’s already historic career. And, one that he would surely cherish. It would also give boxing the edge in the always-prevalent MMA versus boxing argument.

McGregor is only 28 years old and is already at the top of the UFC. He’s beaten some of the sport’s legends. In most cases, with little difficulty. Because of the worldwide recognition that precedes Mayweather, it would be McGregor’s most famous victory. Especially because of the crossing over of sports. If the Irishman won this proposed fight, no one but the man himself would know what he would do after.

Fans of boxing and MMA are used to these two icons dishing out verbal jabs. But now that major publications are reporting that the two have an agreement, do we as the fans actually want this fight to happen?

Think about it this way: if this super fight were to actually happen, imagine the press conferences. Imagine the weigh-ins, staredowns, and walkouts leading up to this one-of-a-kind fight. The fanfare would be as grand and epic as any sporting event in recent memory.

If MMA fans were ecstatic and overjoyed over a Nate Diaz-Conor McGregor bout, imagine the two worlds of boxing and MMA finally colliding. Imagine two of the biggest superstars of this generation meeting face to face. To say the least, it would be electric.

Why wouldn’t we want that? Comments from McGregor and Mayweather here and there suggest they want it too.

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