Baylor’s Slap on the Wrist is a Slap in the Face of Assault Survivors

Baylor Sanctions Not Good Enough

A new punishment has been proposed by the Big XII in regards to all of the controversy surrounding Baylor recently. At the moment, it’s still under review. But, if it becomes set in stone, 25 percent of the revenue payments to Baylor would ultimately just go to the Big XII. That is, until the conference have a third party decide whether or not appropriate changes have been made to the way the university governs misconduct internally.

To give you an idea of how much money that would be: 25 percent of last year’s revenue from Baylor would have equaled about $7.6 million. Personally, I don’t believe this is enough:

It doesn’t really seem like Baylor, the Big XII or football fans are really getting the point. None of this is about monetary gain. Not by any means. It isn’t about how many football games you can win. It’s not about how many t-shirts, jerseys or football tickets you can sell.

This is about crimes happening right under the nose of the school. This is about the faculty entrusted to take care of these students while they spend four or more years of their lives there completely disregarding their safety. Completely disregarding the misconduct carried out by these athletes that they would rather put on pedestals.

While some of you mutter “Good” under your breath, take a step back. Take the time to realize that the survivors of gang rape and sexual assault who have come forward, the survivors who fear for their safety if they were to come forward, and all of those silenced aren’t asking for money to be taken away from the school. Big XII’s slap on the wrist to Baylor is Big XII’s slap in the face to every survivor.

This is where they say “Boys will be boys” in a parenting gone wrong attempt. This is a way for the conference to make it look like they are actually doing something. Moreover, the appearance they’re doing something right. When in reality, they aren’t. They’re hardly doing anything at all. High schools have had teams disbanded for things like sexual hazing. Why should Baylor receive any sort of special treatment? This past season, Harvard’s men’s soccer team was suspended for the rest of their season after creating a list about the women’s team ranking the women based on their level of “hotness,” so to speak.

Baylor is involved in multiple sexual assault cases, a prostitution sting, and even more cover-ups of athletes’ criminal misconduct. Yet the punishment is “We are going to take away a large sum of money from you until you figure out that sexual assault is not okay. Got that?”

It’s downright sickening.

I don’t think that the Big XII is dishing out any sort of justice. It makes me sad to say, but I don’t think the survivors will ever see any sort of justice for a horrible crime that should be punished a lot harsher. There is no reason that Baylor should be participating in conference play while the Title IX investigations are being carried out. That might be a step in the right direction. If you abuse it, you lose it. And by now, wouldn’t you say that Baylor’s administration has abused their football privilege?

  • borgerboy

    Agree totally. But think of what happened at ou with mixon hitting that girl in the face and breaking several bones. What ‘punishment’ should bob stoops and ou have gotten?

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