Chicago Bears 2013 Offseason Preview

What will the passing attack look like in Chicago this year? (

One thing’s for certain: there is nothing certain about the Chicago Bears’ upcoming season. They’ve got a new Head Coach in Mark Trestman and General Manager, Phil Emery, is in the hot-seat after last year’s draft. After choosing Shea McClellin in the 1st Round, Emery has eyes all over him. Alshon Jeffery, was (in my humble and typically correct opinion) the best pick the Bears made in last year’s draft. I’m thinking it’s time to look at some defensive players. After all, that’s what the Bears are known for and sadly, their line is aging. (Sorry, Urlacher! Ya’ know I love you!)

There are some great picks out there. And you never know, McClellin might start to pick up some slack. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cornerback picked up as well. Charles Tillman is a beast, but everyone can always use an extra hand.   Now that we all know about the aging, yet aggressive, defensive line in Chicago, what do they lack the most? An equally aggressive offensive line! With the addition of Trestman, the quarterback’s best friend, you’re going to see a different and likely improved Jay Cutler. There’s even a contributor for The Bleacher Report that is predicting Jay as the NFL’s MVP for 2013. Now, my homer hat is off at the moment. I’m going to have to agree with Gill’s reasoning for that prediction.

The Bears are essentially bringing in a personal coach for Cutler with the addition of Trestman. They’re planning on beefing up that offensive line to give him the pass protection he needs and at some point in the draft, you’ve got to figure they’ll be looking at that tight end position. After getting little production out of Matt Spaeth and Kellen Davis last season, they better be looking at that. And, of course, let’s not forget one of the league’s greatest combinations: Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall. C’mon. I would say that match up is unfair, if it were for a team that I didn’t want tattooed on my body.

In closing, it’s pretty simple what the Bears need to focus on in this offseason:

  1. Beef up the defense, in preparation for the Hall of Famer aging players
  2. They HAVE to solve their offensive line issues and get Cutler some pass protection.
  3. And, as far as draft picks go, I expect to see lineman (on both sides of the ball) and some tight end and cornerback spots filled.

I believe we’ll see a far different Cutler than we’ve seen before with Trestman at his side. My 2013 season prediction for the Bears? 12-4 in regular season play, an NFC North Championship, and their third trip to the Super Bowl. Call it the homer hat talking if you so desire. But I’m not the only one that is fearing the Monsters of the Midway. 

Possible Free Agents:

QB Jason Campbell
QB Josh McCown
RB Kahlil Bell
T Jonathan Scott
C Chris Spencer
G Lance Louis
G Chilo Rachal
DE Israel Idonije
DT Henry Melton
DT Nate Collins (RFA)
DT Amobi Okoye
LB Brian Urlacher
LB Nick Roach
LB Geno Hayes
CB D.J. Moore
CB Kelvin Hayden
CB Zackary Bowman
S Troy Nolan (RFA)
K Olindo Mare

Draft Picks:

1st Round — #20 — D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama — The Bears desperately need to help Jay Cutler get some blocking, and adding one of the top tackles in this year’s draft will do that.
2nd Round
4th Round
5th Round
6th Round
7th Round

In Memory of Dustin Allen

By: Aimee Miller
Twitter: @AimeeM16

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