Four Fantasy Football Tips for Your Next Draft

Marques Colston

It’s that time of year again. It's the time that you make your annual pilgrimage to The Shrine of False Hope that is fantasy football. I don’t know why we let so much of our personal self-esteem become connected to our fantasy football teams, but it happens. I would say there’s nothing wrong with that, but if I’m being honest, there’s probably something wrong with that.

However, there are really only two choices in addressing the problem and since quitting isn’t an option, I’m going to offer a band-aid solution to your fantasy football self-esteem issue by giving you a few ideas that will help you win your league this year.

Aaron Rodgers is Somehow Becoming Undervalued

If Aaron Rodgers falls to the third round of your draft (which he is doing in about 20% of all drafts right now), you should pick him up. It’s true that quarterback is really deep this year, but getting Aaron Rodgers in the third round is a value that we haven’t seen in fantasy football since about 2003. From 2004-2012, on average at least one quarterback was drafted in the first round every year.

Last year, I openly advocated that people wait on QB because I felt like the market for them had become overly frenzied. But the door has swung back in the other direction this year, so there are values to be had early.

Boring Production is Preferable to an Exciting Letdown

Marques Colston is the picture of boring production. I feel like he’s had the same exact season every year he’s been in the league. Percy Harvin on the other hand is electric. Harvin doesn’t score a lot of touchdowns, but he’s electric anyway.

You can get Marques Colston for a lot cheaper than it will cost you to draft Percy Harvin, and yet if you go check their stats over the time that Harvin has been in the league, you’ll see that Colston is the much more reliable receiver.

Colston has 34 receiving touchdowns going back to 2009, while Percy Harvin has 19. I can understand if you think that Harvin is going to be good this year, but why draft a guy as a top-10 wide receiver just so you can sweat it out all year hoping he lives up to that draft position? Especially when you can get a guy like Colston later in the draft and he puts up 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns about every year.

Mike Williams is Almost Criminally Undervalued Right Now

You can currently draft Mike Williams as the 40th wide receiver in most leagues and yet he finished last season in the top-25 at the position. That’s ridiculous. I do a fair number of mock drafts — because I’m a degenerate — and I usually start to look at Mike Williams around the seventh or eighth round.

How many other guys can be potentially the fourth wide receiver on your team and yet they have two top 25 finishes at receiver in their three years in the league?

Think About David Wilson as if He’s C.J. Spiller

The second year Giants running back is the subject of a lot of hand wringing among fantasy experts this year because they really don’t know what to expect out of him. I’m looking at Wilson as if he’s going to be pretty similar to C.J. Spiller in 2012. Both guys have a lot of explosiveness and can get a lot of yards on a small number of carries.

But if you recall, Spiller owners were often frustrated that he didn’t get on the field more last year. That’s what it’s going to be like owning Wilson this year. You might be frustrated when he doesn’t get a lot of carries, but Wilson is so talented that he should produce fantasy points when he does touch the ball.

Right now you have to take Wilson as about the 20th running back in drafts, which I think offers a little value. I don’t think he’s likely to finish lower than that this year, and he could finish much higher. The Giants usually produce starting level fantasy running backs and David Wilson is more talented than anybody they’ve had there in recent years. But don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time about the frustration involved in owning him.

That’s just four ideas that I think will help you in your fantasy league this year. If you’re hungry for more, the amphetamine fueled writers at are tirelessly working around the clock to crank out fantasy content, so give the site a try. Also, I was just kidding about the amphetamines, although that would account for the 500 articles that have been published on the site since February.

By: Frank Dupont
Twitter: @FantasyDouche

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