FOX Sports NFL Game of the Week Preview: Seahawks at 49ers

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It's funny to look back before the season started to see how wrong we were. Prior to every season, we all think we know how it will unfold, but, year after year, we are all taught that none of us really knows much at all.

At the beginning of this season, there was no question that the NFC's two kings were the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Their rosters are loaded, their coaches are top-notch, and they had the resumes to back up that notion.

Russell Wilson is the MVP of the National Football League and I am here to tell you why

Well, we were right about the Seattle Seahawks, who look like the best team in all of the NFL right now, but the 49ers have disappointed so far this year. That is not to say that they are not a good team, but based on our expectations prior to the season, they have not played up to the caliber that we expected.

At 8-4, the 49ers are only one game up on the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles for the last Wild Card spot. If you told me that this would be the case earlier in the year, I would have laughed in your face.

But, even though their offense has been inconsistent this season, I still am waiting for them to put it all together in the playoffs. That team that dominated the Green Bay Packers in Week 1, dropping 34 points, is not much different now in Week 14. And, with Michael Crabtree back, this team only has more to be excited about.

But San Francisco's struggles have already been covered ad nauseam on this site. It is time to talk about Seattle's successes, starting with their soft-spoken quarterback, who has gone too far under the radar this season.

Some writers like to build up to their argument slowly, but I'm not going to waste your time. Here is the deal: Russell Wilson is the MVP of the National Football League and I am here to tell you why.

It goes far beyond the numbers, but it is impossible to win a MVP without having the necessary statistics. Wilson ranks second in quarterback rating out of quarterbacks with at least 300 attempts, tied for sixth in touchdowns, first in fewest interceptions thrown out of quarterbacks with at least 300 attempts, and fifth in completion percentage out of quarterbacks who have at least 300 attempts.

His numbers may not be "elite" enough for you stats nerds out there, but when you take a deeper look at his play, you will start to understand why the MVP award should be his.

Wilson has led the Seahawks to an 11-1 record in the hardest division in football. He has done so with wins over the Carolina Panthers, 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, and New Orleans Saints. And, he has done this with receivers like Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, and Zach Miller. That list is not exactly screaming out "elite."

The other contender for MVP is Peyton Manning. We all know he is breaking records with his play this year, but for me, sometimes that is not good enough for the MVP.

Denver has beaten four teams with a winning record this season: the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Kansas City Chiefs twice. Now, I think we all can agree that, despite Philadelphia and Dallas' winning records, they are not very formidable opponents and have reaped the benefits of playing in a terrible division.

Don't get me started on the Chiefs. They have two wins against winning teams: the Cowboys and the Eagles. And, they are currently on a three-game losing streak, sandwiching a loss to the San Diego Chargers between the two Denver losses.

A team that has not beaten any great teams cannot be considered anything more than good; it does not matter how many wins they have against lesser opponents. So, considering that, the Broncos' best win is against a good team.

On the other hand, they lost to the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots this season. The Colts loss was acceptable when it happened because they were playing great football back in Week 7. But, the Patriots loss may be the one that gives Wilson the MVP.

In the biggest game of the season for Denver, they were gift-wrapped a win early in the first quarter, as the Patriots turned the ball over in each of their first three drives. But, as New England started their comeback in the second half, Manning and the Broncos had no answer on offense and watched the game slip out of their control.

In comparison, during Seattle's biggest game of the season against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night, Wilson had the best game of his season, throwing for 310 yards, 3 touchdowns, and zero interceptions. That's what MVP's do: step up when their team needs it most.

Manning's superior numbers may cast the appearance that he is the most valuable player in football, but when you look at his performances in the biggest games and the immense talent that he is surrounded by, you start to see why Wilson makes more sense as the MVP.

Yes, the Seahawks have one of the best defenses and running games in the league, but those factors don't have as much of a direct effect on a quarterback's play as his receivers do.

The MVP argument should always be decided like this: which team would be worse if you replaced their quarterback with Blaine Gabbert, Seattle or Denver? I am going with Seattle, and I'm going with Wilson for MVP.

Sunday simply marks another game where Wilson can bolster his case against an elite defense in San Francisco in this week's FOX Sports NFL Game of the Week. This will be an interesting game to see if the Seahawks are really that much better than the 49ers.

Seattle beat them earlier in the year, but that was at home, where they literally don't lose games. Sunday will prove if the Seahawks really are the superior team, or if their home field advantage is just making it appear that way.


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