Greg Jennings Heads to Minnesota

How will Greg Jennings be in his new purple uniform? (

In a bombshell for Green Bay Packers fans, Greg Jennings signed with the rival Minnesota Vikings roughly two weeks ago. No, it’s not as bad as when Brett Favre signed with them, but it still leaves a bad taste in many Packers fans’ mouths. He decided to take more money to play with Christian Ponder instead of Aaron Rodgers, and in doing so, he’s risked not having the chance to ever play in another Super Bowl.

Jennings was a major target for the Vikings after they traded Percy Harvin to Seattle. Rumors had Jennings returning to the Packers since the market was poor at the time.  Everybody assumed he would return, but he was courted by the Vikings and couldn’t pass up four years and $45 million, and he also admitted that Brett Favre helped him with his decision. That last little tid bit won’t make Packers fans happy.

Anytime a player goes to the rival team it hurts. It makes fans boo them, instead of cheering them for what they did for their team. Greg Jennings helped the Packers win the Super Bowl three years ago, but he will get booed relentlessly when he returns to Lambeau Field in a Vikings’ uniform. Favre became one of the most hated players in Green Bay after he signed with Minnesota. T-shirts, signs and other things were made in order to express their anger towards him. 

It’s doubtful Packers fans will stoop to that for Jennings, but he won’t be welcomed back until he retires or signs with any team besides the Lions, Vikings and Bears. Jennings claimed that since he wasn’t the first Green Bay player to change sides, it “makes it more relieving.” No matter what he says he won’t be relieved when he returns to Lambeau. If he had signed with the Dolphins, like other free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, Packers fans wouldn’t have cared. 

Why would Jennings risk playing with a worse quarterback for four more years? It is because he realizes this will probably be his last big contract and wanted to get the most he could. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL anymore. He also becomes the number one receiver on the Vikings instead of the number two or three for Green Bay and gets to play with Adrian Peterson. 

Jennings will ultimately regret this decision. He won’t have a great chance to go back to another Super Bowl since the Vikings aren’t as good as Green Bay. Ponder is still a work in progress and nobody knows if he’s a true “franchise” quarterback. Jennings will not like the resentment from Packer fans, either. If there’s one thing that I know about Packers fans, it’s this: they don’t forget and won’t let Jennings come back to Green Bay gracefully. 

By: Joe Kleiber
Twitter: @Chibeman

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