Juice This: Belichick Tweets; On to Los Angeles

Belichick Tweets Los Angeles Relocation

Season’s over. Here’s what didn’t get published out of the Juice This notebook.

If Bill Belichick could tweet:

  • We’re on to @Seattle.
  • A sixteenth of an ounce? @WTF?
  • Go ask my quarterback. @FaceoftheNFL
  • Did that idiot really call that pass play? We’re on to the trophy.
  • @BeastMode my ass.
  • Miller, Tom, watch out for @Miller.
  • Hey John, thanks for @McClellin.
  • We’re on to @GreenBay.
  • Oh, @Atlanta won?
  • No, Roger, it would look better if you gave it directly to Tom.
  • We’re on to 2017.

What is it about Los Angeles that keeps attracting football teams? Maybe St. Louis sucks when it comes to attracting free agents and keeping guys eligible for it. Maybe 20 years is the life cycle of a stadium. Maybe this is a Cardinals town. Why don’t the Lions move? Maybe a change of scenery could get them to the big one. Two new stadiums haven’t.

Why don’t teams care about fans? Because they care about money. These owners didn’t get rich by being nice. They follow the money. If you don’t give them new toys—i.e., money for new stadiums—they move on to the metropolitan area that will.

You know the arguments—we’ll be able to make the money to purchase the free agents that will make us champions. Interesting in a league with a hard salary cap.

And now the league that discourages gambling is letting one of its trademark franchises move to the capital of gambling. Not so sure those outlandish fan uniforms are going to go over so well with security at the big-time casinos.

By the way, you can no longer have receivers running multiple slant patterns, or slants, on the same play, in the same game, or whatever.

It appears the band The Slants have trademarked the name and won the court case to back it up. From now on, receivers have to run diagonals, until a band trademarks that.

Next week, we break down the Super Bowl. As if you don’t know what’s going to happen.

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