Juice This: Marshall, Revis, and Gronkowski

Marshall at Detroit

Detroit, which is still rebuilding from Halloween ​fires (from 2004), isn't popular in Chicago. Particularly in the eyes of Bears' wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who didn't give Detroit any props, despite having lost to them twice this year.

We'll see who's really on fire and who got burned, Brandon.

Speaking of burn, well, more like burning, Richie Incognito is on fire. How about that sizzling interview he did with Jay Glazer in which the Fox athletic trainer – uh, reporter – all but filed his grievance for him by letting him lay down his points of grieving.

Meanwhile, Jonatha​n Martin has finally spoken – to the NFL in New York and to a travel agent or an airline representative to make his reservation to fly there. Meanwhile, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross remains "appalled."

Get in line, Stephen, behind Robert Kraft, who still feels "duped." And that's just by his youthful ho​ttie girlfriend.

Fortunately, Kraft has Rob Gronkowski back to insult and alienate ethnic groups while embarrassing the organization and th​e league. Even though he's back from IR, The Gronk needs to be on MUP – Mentally Unable to Perform.

And catch this: Darrelle Revis, who once had an island larger than Manhattan at his feet in New York, now has his own Tw​itter island, apparently. New York fans won't leave him alone on the social-media network, for abandoning them.

Gotta' tell ya' – with Revis, the Jets would be a Super Bowl contender.


Bears wide receiver Brandon Mars​hall, on the heels of the Bears' second loss this season to the Lions, dissed them and the city from which they hail.

Marshall demeaned the Lions via radio a couple of days after their 21-19 loss to the Detroiters, telling them to go back home to their bankrupt city.

They did. In first place in the NFC North.

Marshall chided them the Bears would get their revenge in the playoffs.

We're wondering, do you think the Bears can get tickets for the Lions' playoff games?


If you're like me, you're still waiting for Jay Glazer's int​erview of Richie Incognito to begin. Those questions were lobbed in so high and so fat that Incognito homered on every toss like it was a slow-pitch softball game. The next tough question Glazer asks him will be the first. Glazer needs to be assigned to – banished to – Fox Sports 1. That way, no one will see him or hear him.


When the owner gets involved, you know it's serious. And Stephen Ross, owner ​of the Dolphins, is involved. He's appalled by the reports of the incidents surrounding the Incognito-Martin incident. He's so deeply concerned he appointed a blue-ribbon panel to oversee information gathering about the incident and study the culture of the Dolphins' locker room.

Got news for you Stephen: the culture sucks and while you're "appalled" about it, well, were you last year and the year before that and the year before that?

At least you did one thing right: you showed Jerry Jones at what point the owner is supposed to get involved. Unfortunately, in this case, it's the point of no return. Jones tries to get involved at the extra point – which Romo fumbles anyway.


The Dolphins, to a man, are pretty much standin​g up for Incognito, defending the locker room "culture" and saying the entire affair is not a distraction to their focus on football.

Really? Buccaneers 22, Dolphins 19. Two (2) yards rushing. Juice This says, "Distract This!"


Rob Gronkowski has never met a person, group, team, league, party room he couldn't insult or embarrass, Now he's done it to As​ians in general. Someone needs to get that man a muzzle. Does he ever think before he speaks? Never mind, does he ever think, period?


Darrelle Revis is saying that NY Jets fans, despite his being in Tampa Bay all season, have relentlessly hounded hi​m on Twitter, telling him he wasn't man enough to stay in NY and help the Jets turn it around, wasn't man enough to want to rebuild, wasn't man enough to face up to Rex Ryan, wasn't man enough to be man enough and wasn't man enough to be a New Yorker, someone who rides that No. 7 train to games with all the weirdos on it.

To which Revis replied, thank you, Joh​n ​Rocker.

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