Juice This: Jay-Z, JaMarcus, Geno

Jay-Z with Geno Smith. Who's next? (Credit)

Here at Juice This Central, we keep up with what’s going down in pro football, and with Jay-Z not a certified agent, we’ll see who may or may not be jumping ship on Roc Nation Sports.

Plus, JaMarcus Russell continues along the comeback trail (of favorite steakhouse cities) and we’ll check out rumors that Jay Cutler was sending tweets and texts about that.

During his weekend wedding to his beloved Kristin Cavallari.



Not only has Jay-Z (allegedly) landed Geno (The Jet) Smith to his Prime Representin’ list, rumors are Everett Golson awaits (sorry, Brian Kelly). Drew Rosenhaus, however, has his next question ready for this Dr. Jay Nation Aberration, and that is, “Who does this mutha’ f*cka’ think he is?”



Once upon a time, JaMarcus Russell was the No. 1 pick in the draft (another good one, Al). He never won a national championship at LSU but he did win biggest belt-buster after eating everything in sight after the Raiders gave him almost $40 million.

Although out of football since 2009, he showed he has definitely retained his keen foodservice sense when he did pick a good restaurant town in which to audition when he tried out for the Chicago Bears.

Jay Cutler, in the last year of his Bears contract and never having taken the Bears to the dessert table, did take JaMarcus there a few times during his visit, supposedly to ask him about what it’s like to play for the Raiders and get suggestions for nanny services in Oakland.



With running back Trent Richardson hurt after earning that whopping 3.6 yards-per-carry average last year, the Cleveland Browns have signed an insurance policy for their starting running back.

All-time leading rusher Jim Brown. (No, really.)

What’s next, JaMarcus Russell? No, wait…



You never like to hear about a relative’s funeral, but venerable Pro Football Weekly folded last week.

I refuse to believe it until I see a confirmation in print.



The highlight of my trip to Phoenix last week was missing the Rolling Stones performing back in Chicago … Speaking of jumping juiced, Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars managed to get himself charged with punching out a security guard at a restaurant. Where’s JaMarcus Russell when you really need him? … Colin Kaepernick was supposedly almost traded to the Raiders, according to Sports Illustrated, but JaMarcus Russell rejected the deal … Atlanta wideout Roddy White and Seattle DB Richard Sherman, after weeks of online feuding over a venue, flowers, menu and guest list, announced their engagement and wedding plans on Twitter. It will be carried live on NFL Network. … A special shout out to Jim Kelly. Rather than let the tabloid media report it first, he announced his cancer in his jaw and subsequent treatment. Here’s hoping his recovery from it is as clean, quick and efficient as his announcement thereof … Tim Tebow is still unemployed. I said… 

By: Howard Schlossberg
Twitter: @HSchlossberg

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