Juice This: NFL, Goodell, and Endless Questions

NFL Goodell Endless Questions


  • Did the Giants really think that rebuilding the defense–successfully too–would get Eli to throw fewer interceptions?
  • Did the Bears really think John Fox would turn a team around and get ’em to the Super Bowl for a third time in a row in his career? Especially with what they gave him to work with?
  • Did the Bears really think a 35-year-old, first-time GM would be any more successful than a first-term U.S. Senator as President of the United States?
  • Did the Lions really think they’d cruise into the playoffs and their season finale against the Packers would be meaningless? C’mon, NBC needs ratings Sunday nights.
  • Did anyone really think the league would allow the Cowboys to be as bad as they were last year again? (Hint: they need TV ratings.)
  • Did anyone really think Donald Trump would beat the NFL in TV ratings? What, you thought it was Hillary Clinton?
  • Did the 49ers really think Chip Kelly would turn them around? Well, he did. Sort of. Just not in the direction they would hope for.
  • Speaking of which, what ever happened to Colin Kaepernick?
  • Did the Bills and the Jets really think they would have a chance to challenge the Patriots in the AFC East just because Tom Brady had to sit out four games?
  • Is anyone else getting sick of too many NFL games? Thursday night? The occasional Saturday ? Sunday morning from London? All day Sunday and then Sunday night? Monday Night? Who do they think they are, Major League Baseball? The NBA?
  • Do we really need to see Jacksonville versus anyone on a Thursday night?
  • Did the Rams think moving to Los Angeles would make them winners?
  • What happened to the Arizona Cardinals?
  • OK, I get it—no Jaguars or Bears. But no Lions in the Pro Bowl? Really?
  • Did anyone think the Lions would be a better team without Megatron than they were with him?
  • Did the Denver Broncos really think they could replace the Peyton Manning/Brock Osweiler combo with the Trevor Siemian/Paxton Lynch and still win?
  • Now that Tom Savage has become a starter for a former Patriots coach in Houston, do the Patriots wish they’d stuck with their initial leanings toward Tom (Too) instead of Garoppolo and Brissett?
  • Are the San Diego Chargers still in the league?
  • Did I miss something—when did Carson Wentz go from Rookie of the Year/MVP to someone who may or may not be asked to replace a quarterback who begs off from the Pro Bowl for “injury” reasons that are really just for family? And because the game sucks.
  • Why does Roger Goodell treat players like he’s a high school principal instead of the pro sports commissioner?
  • Does anyone think the Broncos wish they’d never traded Jay Cutler?
  • Does anyone think the Broncos wish they’d never drafted Tim Tebow?
  • Or, does anyone besides the Mets—uh, Jets—no Mets, wish they’d never acquired Tim Tebow?
  • When will the league start making the same calls in Cam Newton’s favor that they do for Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins…?
  • I know Donald Trump thinks he knows more than the generals but how come Colin Cowherd thinks he knows more than the NFL coaches and GMs?
  • And owners?
  • How come neither Super Bowl team from last year is even going to make the playoffs this year?
  • Am I the only one who thinks the league (OK, FOX), wants a Cowboys-Patriots matchup in the Super Bowl, but would settle for Packers-Patriots?
  • For what team is Jeff Fisher going to be defensive coordinator of next year?
  • How come Chris Collinsworth sings the praises of Jim Schwartz, the Eagles defensive coordinator, every time he and Al Michaels get one of their games, but for all his “genius,” he hasn’t coached a team to the playoffs since the 2011 Lions, who fired him soon thereafter? Yeah, he was coordinator for the Titans when they made it four out of eight seasons, but since then (2008), he hasn’t gotten into the playoffs without a ticket, except once.
  • How come the NFL just sucks this year? Do we really need Thursday nights?

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