Tim Tebow, an All-Time Irrelevant Athlete

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Let’s be real. We’re all thinking it. Even the fans out there are thinking it somewhere deep, deep down in their subconscious: Tim Tebow is a joke. One would think that after various NFL teams sought any other quarterback when they were in need except Tebow, he would give up on chasing fame.

However, one would be wrong. One would think that Tebow, a guy who clearly loves sports, would be happy being an SEC analyst and still being in the know. But nope. He says he wants something bigger than himself, but is that really the case?

As we know by now, Tebow decided to chase his “dream” of playing professional baseball. But, he continues to make quite a fool of himself. And personally, I think it’s flat out rude. It’s insulting to all the athletes that have worked their tails off their entire lives just to even get to the minors that Tebow gets to wake up and suddenly decide he wants to be a baseball player.

Before deciding this, when was the last time he even touched a baseball—high school? Yes, high school. He said it himself in a press conference: this is his “first time back in baseball in 12 years.” Collective eye roll, everyone?

MiLB spring training starts, then low and behold a Tebow press conference comes out. During, he talks long and passionately about how he really just wants to have fun. And, that his end goal is to have fun and enjoy what he does. Then, it suddenly switches and turns into what I think is extremely hypocritical.

He makes very valid points when talking about those less fortunate. Those who are literally fighting for their lives. Moreover, he says that’s why he continues to play sports. He wants to honor those people and show them that they’re loved, remembered, thought about, and deserve to be celebrated. Of course, these are all very great thoughts.

But, when he follows it up with saying being an athlete isn’t how he wants to be remembered or celebrated, this is where I think it gets hypocritical. The rant on why he believes he’s truly called to baseball comes about 7 minutes and 53 seconds in:

If that were the case, then why is he trying so dang hard to chase fame? Why is he still pursuing this dream of being a big-name athlete when he’s shown countless times that he peaked in college? He wants to be known for being a light unto others who are in need, and that is very noble. But if that were the case, why is he in a baseball uniform?

In his first at bat during a spring training game, Tim Tebow had a chance to prove naysayers like me wrong. What happens instead? He strikes out looking on four pitches.

He went on to ground out to second, ground into a double play, get plunked (only to get doubled off first) and strike out looking again. Maybe Tebow hasn’t exactly found his calling yet, but at what point is he going to get that it definitely isn’t in baseball just as much as it wasn’t in the NFL?

I think it’s time for Tebow to stop trying so hard to be relevant as an athlete. I understand the dream of wanting to go down in history, of wanting to be great. But he’s doing nothing except making a fool out of himself over and over again. It’s time to unlace all cleats he could ever dream to put on and keep them on the shelf. However, if he wants to do something meaningful with his life (and he does plenty), it’s not going to come in a jersey.

In the sports world, the only way he gets remembered is as an all-time irrelevant athlete.

  • Sunny Houmes

    The only one who seems irrelevant in this article is the author. It’s interesting that she would waste her time moaning about Tim Tebow and his interests, when it’s obvious her skills would be much better in writing about Johnny Manziel and his dalliances. How about finding a target for your vitriol for an athlete that is a legitimate asshole and not a decent person?

    • Craig Lowell

      So Tebow is above criticism because he’s a nice guy?

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