MNF Week 3: Send the Raiders Back to L.A.

Raiders Coliseum

From 1960-1981, the Oakland Raiders were a solid team, winning one AFL title and two Super Bowls in that span. In 1982, 12 years after moving from the AFL to the NFL, the team moved to Los Angeles and took home another title in the '82 season.

The team remained in L.A. until June 23, 1995 when the late Al Davis signed a letter of intent moving the team back to Oakland. Now, Los Angeles is the 2nd-most populated city in America behind New York. The 45th-most populated city in America, you ask? Well, that would be the dreadful city of Oakland. And that’s exactly where Davis sent his army of Silver and Black back to.

The team struggled in the late 1990s, finally breaking through to the playoffs from 2000-2002 with a Super Bowl appearance in 2002 being the highlight.

Ever since, it’s been all down hill. The Raiders have been the laughing stock of the NFL for over a decade now, having no more than eight wins in a season the past 12 years.

Football is America's pastime. Sorry baseball fans, but it’s a new day and age. It’s all about football. Out of the eight most populated majors cities in the America, L.A. is the only one without an NFL team. So, I guess my question is, what’s the hold up? Aside from going international, one would have to think the NFL’s main goal in its next relocation project would be moving a team out to L.A. This city needs an NFL franchise, and it needed one five years ago.

L.A., being one of, if not the biggest pop culture markets in the country, would thrive if an NFL team were brought there. Imagine a massive, multi-billion dollar stadium in downtown L.A. Imagine the loads of celebrities you could spot in the luxury box seats and along the sidelines. An L.A. football team has the potential to become one of the most popular teams in sports.

 L.A. needs an NFL franchise, and it needed one five years ago.

Look, I may be coming off a little hard on the city of Oakland. It’s not as awful a city as I may be making it out to be, comparing it to LA, but that’s the problem. I’m comparing it to L.A. The two cities simply aren’t comparable. Sure, Oakland has a nice baseball team. The Golden State Warriors play in Oakland and they had a very nice season this past year. But the NFL is all about big lights, primetime, and superstars. That’s what L.A. is all about.

I’m no financial expert, nor will I ever try and claim to be one. That being said, I understand the cost of bringing an NFL team to the busy city of L.A. would be a large one. It’s a necessary cost, though. Moving a franchise to L.A. would change the NFL for the better.

The Pick: Broncos 38 Radiers 14

Picks on the season: 3-0

5 For the Night

1. Terrelle Pryor: After facing two very lackluster defenses in Weeks 1 and 2, Pryor will face what is most likely the most daunting task of his football career in the Denver Broncos. Sure, no Von Miller tonight, who is still serving his six-game suspension. But the Broncos' defense doesn’t even compare to the awful defenses of the Colts and Jaguars. Should be interesting to see what Pryor can do.

2. Shaun Phillips: The longtime veteran of the San Diego Chargers is playing his first year in a Broncos uniform, and has had quite the impact so far. With Miller being suspended, Phillips has stepped up in his place, recording 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble in the first two weeks. Watch tonight if the vet can keep up his great performance thus far

3. Broncos WRs: The Broncos big three, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and of course Demayrius Thomas, have all been solid contributors so far this year. Tonight, be watching to see if Manning begins to favor any of them in particular, because so far the targets have been pretty even. But the one Bronco we should all be watching tonight is…

4. Julius Thomas: Thomas, the former Portland State University basketball star, has been a beast so far this season, catching 11 of the 16 passes thrown his way along with 3 touchdowns. His emergence makes the Broncos offense nearly unstoppable. With Denver already having a Big Three at WR, Thomas has been an unexpected weapon for Peyton Manning to have in his arsenal.

5. Run DMC: Darren McFadden is a good running back. Not great, just good. If the Raiders have any hope in this season, (forget the game, its not happening tonight for the Raiders) they are going to need McFadden to become a 1,000 yard rusher, something he's only done once in his career.

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