New York Jets Cut 5 Players to Clear Cap Space

The New York Jets just cut several players while they focus on rebuilding The New York Jets just cut several players while they focus on rebuilding

Curious about what is going on in the Meadowlands? I’m sure the New York Jets players are, too, after a flurry of cuts in the past few days. Management decided they had to fix their money situation before the offseason progressed any further. As I reported before, the Jets came into the offseason over the salary cap by $23.1 million dollars.

Among the most notorious, linebacker Bart Scott was given the ax. Linebacker Calvin Pace, tackle Jason Smith, and safety Eric Smith were all cut as well. That left tight end Josh Baker, who was later waived by the team.

While the 2013 season was looking grim already, the Jets have managed to clear roughly $34 million just by losing those 5 players. They are losing some talent, but this does but them in a better position to rebuild.

Bart Scott isn’t the linebacker he used to be. He cemented himself in the heart of Jets fans everywhere after they defeated the New England Patriots in the 2010 playoffs, but he hasn’t done much since. Actually, he has gotten worse and worse ever since he joined the Jets. In 2009, he had 92 combined tackles. That is a quality production. His numbers have declined every season since. In 2011, he only registered 66 tackles, which is not what you want out of a highly paid linebacker. In 2012, he played 15 games and managed to rack up a total of 60 tackles. Again, that is simply unacceptable. Cutting him was a smart move on the Jets’ part, although I’m fairly certain Rex Ryan isn’t too happy about it.

Losing the other four players isn’t much of a loss to the organization, either. Calvin Pace has slipped just as much as Bart Scott. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “lost a step,” but he’s lost a leap. Tackle Jason Smith wasn’t even a starter, so that decision was a no-brainer. Eric Smith only played 12 games in 2012, barely making an impact, and Josh Baker has 3 career receptions for the Jets. Need I say more?

Now that we have established that cutting these players was a good thing, where do the Jets go from here? They still aren’t out of the woods yet. They cleared a tiny bit of cap space for themselves, which is going to help in the many decisions still ahead of them.

I know of at least one more easy decision in their future. Tim Tebow’s time as a member of the New York Jets is over. He is about to be given the boot, not that he probably minds. He is a winner, after all, and the Jets are still in no position to win any time soon.

By: Jared Bissonnette
Twitter: @Jared_TFJ

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