What do the Patriots Need to do to Win the Super Bowl?

NFL Super Bowl How to Win Patriots Brady

Every fan wants their team to do well at the start of the season. Even hopeful fans of notoriously bad teams like my Bolts in San Diego. But not every fan gets the chance to watch their team make it to a game like the Super Bowl… much less the playoffs. With the postseason on our doorstep, I’m saying the Patriots are going to take it all the way. And there’s one simple thing they need to do to make sure they seal the deal and walk away with a ring at the end of the season: Stay hungry.

It sounds silly, but it really is that simple. The Patriots, for the sixth time in team history, are the number one seed in the AFC. They have a 14-2 record with help from three different quarterbacks after starting the season without Tom Brady after the whole Deflate-gate scandal. Because of the four-game suspension, though, the 39-year-old quarterback would play his twelve games arguably better than he ever has. Brady would complete 291 of 432 passes (67.4 percent), only throw two interceptions, win seven straight while outscoring opponents 200-87, and rack up the most road passes in a season without throwing an interception. Tom Brady is the winningest quarterback in NFL history. And, keeps proving he’s nowhere close to slowing down.

Even without Brady, the Patriots would go 3-1 with Jimmy Garoppolo and rookie QB Jacoby Brissett. And in a way, proving they wouldn’t even really need Brady to seal wins. All it’s going to take is the Patriots showing up honest and ready to go. With so many people against them, I really don’t see how they can possibly lose it this season. Especially while having as much as they have to prove following Deflate-gate. There’s constant flack about whether or not the team could pull off a win without Gronk and “cheating”.

Personally, I believe their only bump in the road would be facing the Dallas Cowboys. That is, if and when that time were to come. Even if it comes down to facing the Cowboys, though, I believe the veterans on New England’s side could use their experience and expertise to shut down the rookies running Dallas.

My answer is a simple one—what does New England need to win the Super Bowl? Just show up strong. Show up hungry, and I believe it comes easy. They have more to prove than any of the others at this point. And, they have arguably the best veteran quarterback in the league. Still. He isn’t too old to do his thing. And, there’s no stopping him when he wants this win more than any other athlete in the NFL.

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