Quarterback Tryout Results: Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns

Vick Jackson

It's that time of year when starting quarterback tryout results are revealed in camps where we almost all know who the starting quarterback is going to be anyways.

Well, that is unless you are talking about the Seattle Seahawks' camp last season. But other than that odd but genius situation, predicting the starting quarterback for most teams is pretty straightforward.

For the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, we all knew Michael Vick and Brandon Weeden would be the starters, but does that make them the right decisions?

Let's take a look at both teams' quarterback situations to decipher whether the job is in the best hands.

Philadelphia Eagles

So, the Eagles would bring in Chip Kelly, the former college coach with one of the most dynamic offensive schemes the game has ever seen and he would not start Michael Vick, one of the most athletic quarterbacks to ever play the game?

Although Vick is 33-years-old, it is a joke that some people even thought Nick Foles had a shot in this competition. It is clear that this team is Vick's. It is clear that DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy look up to the quarterback. It is clear that Vick was born to play for Kelly.

Vick did have a tough season last year, throwing 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in only 10 games, but I attribute a great deal of those troubles to the weak offensive line. Left tackle Jason Peters missed the entire season last year with an Achilles injury and that left a giant hole in Vick's protection.

He had limited time to make passes, which left Vick helpless in a constantly crowded pocket. But with Kelly's swift offensive gameplan, Vick will be able to catch defenses off guard, which will result in roomy pockets and will allow him to excel. By utilizing quick passes, he'll be able to get the ball in some of the most dynamic playmakers in the game's hands at a faster rate. This will result in much less pressure on Vick to spoon-feed the offense.

He is not the same quarterback he used to be, but he is still a good quarterback and may even appear great in some games under Kelly's schemes.

For a team that is kind of in an awkward stage, Vick is a pretty perfect quarterback because he is in that same stage of his career. The Eagles really are not good enough to make the playoffs, but they also really aren't that bad either.

But, there is a possibility that they can be 2013's surprise team by claiming the wide-open NFC East. If that is what they want, Vick has to be their guy. If they want to start rebuilding with a team that already has half of the necessary pieces to be a contender, then Foles is their guy.

Obviously, rebuilding is not on the Eagles' mind and I like the way they are thinking in Philadelphia.

Cleveland Browns

Weeden Turner

There really is no other way to put it: when you throw more interceptions than touchdowns over the course of a season, you don't belong as a starter in the NFL.

So with that, you know how I feel about Weeden being a starting quarterback. I think he has limited talent and it will take him time to adjust to the NFL game, and when he does, the 29-year-old will already be out of his athletic prime.

The Cleveland Browns wasted a first round pick on him and just like every other poor pick, they will suffer for a long time because of it. But even with all of that said, the Browns had no choice but to start Weeden this season.

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Jason Campbell is a solid backup, but he already got his chance to prove he is not a competent starter, so what's the point of giving him the starting job over Weeden?

Weeden has only had one season and although he was miserable in that season, the former first round pick deserves at least another shot to prove his worth. Campbell is just as bad as Weeden and provides none of the limited upside Weeden does.

And Weeden is actually playing well in the preseason, if that means anything. In 25 attempts, he has thrown for 229 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

If he can duplicate that kind of work once the season starts then I will literally put my foot in my mouth, but I just don't see him as the type of quarterback who can consistently do that.

Unfortunately for the Browns, naming Weeden the starter was the right choice and that's what makes this so miserable for Cleveland fans.

Whether Weeden is the starter or Campbell is the starter, Cleveland will be home in January. I give my condolences to all Browns fans reading this. Good luck.

By: Matt Levine
Twitter: @Matt_TSP

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