Ryan Fitzpatrick Gets the Second-String Burn

Ryan Fitzpatrick has fallen pretty far (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

The quarterback position has been glorified ever since I can remember. They are the most popular, they get the girls, and they also get the big paychecks. We all want to be just like them, right? Well if there is one quarterback I would not want to be like, it is Ryan Fitzpatrick. The man went from a huge contract, to being demoted, to being cut in just a few years. And this is from a team, the Buffalo Bills, that has no other options at the QB position. That’s like being the only guy on campus and still not getting laid. You have to feel bad for the man, but did he deserve it?

It is hard to argue either side because it’s a complicated situation. We can start with the part where he is a mediocre QB who never deserved that huge contract. He was never worth $10 million a year, ever. I’m sure even he would admit to that.

He is highly inaccurate at times, and he has major issues holding onto the ball. The only reason he has the number of yards and touchdowns he does is because he plays on a bad team that is always way behind. That is the cold hard truth.

But does he deserve to be a backup for the Tennessee Titans? I don’t think so. When I said he was a mediocre quarterback, I meant it. He is mediocre almost to a tee. Almost all of his numbers are average. He fell in the middle of the pack last season in almost every statistical category. That doesn’t exactly mean he is better than half the starters in the NFL, but these stats should not be overlooked.

Did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 24 touchdowns last season, good for 13th in the NFL? Not that impressive, unless you consider the fact that he threw two more touchdowns than the Super Bowl MVP of that year, Joe Flacco. That’s right, a lowly backup threw for more touchdowns than Mr. Elite himself. His QB rating was substantially higher than Andrew Luck’s. His completion percentage was higher than Eli Manning’s. The man graduated from Harvard! Need I go on?

When someone is so average, it is hard to choose a side. He plays so well at times, too, which makes this that much more difficult. If I had to give my opinion, I’d say he does not deserve to be a backup. That being said, I sure as hell wouldn’t want him as my quarterback. But the man has a cannon, and he knows how to compete. And statistically speaking, there are many quarterbacks worse than Fitzpatrick who started last year. One thing is certain, though: Tennessee has one hell of a backup.

By: Jared Bissonnette
E-mail: jbissonnette@thefootballjuice.com
Twitter: @Jared_TFJ

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