Tuesday Morning Fantasy Owner: Air Johnson

Chris Andre Johnson

How about that performance from Andre Johnson? Going into Sunday Night’s game needing big points out of him, I couldn’t help but be discouraged by his one total touchdown all season. Much like Chris Johnson, I gave up on his ability to score a touchdown and started rooting for a lot of receptions and yards.

In one of my leagues, he had over 40 points in the first half alone, multiple TDs included, and all with a second-string quarterback. All week long though, I praised Case Keenum and his connection with Andre, and I put all my eggs in their basket. I would say it paid off.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a rough start, but I figure if I can win the rest of the games this season I should be able to make the playoffs. My team is like the nerdy girl who no one likes, but by the end of the movie she takes her glasses off and everyone suddenly realizes she was hot all along.

I could win out the season. And I could win the lottery right after that. The truth is I won in five out of six leagues this week, but it is likely a little too late for me. I’ll tell you what though, if Chris and Andre Johnson play like that every week, I have a much better chance. Those two combined for a little under half my points and won me a little money along the way. #TeamJohnson

Another good week for Jared? Let’s get to the football before we lose all our momentum.


What Choke?
In typical Cowboy fashion, Dallas walked a fine line against a one-win Minnesota team. Expecting a blowout wasn’t unreasonable, but anyone who knows the Cowboys isn’t that silly. Watching the game unfold, I thought I was going to be writing a long entry defending Tony Romo because people were going to be brutally attacking him for choking another game away.

After all, it was Dez Bryant who racked up a few costly penalties and took points off the board, not to mention dropping a key pass. Romo did throw an interception with under five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, however, so it isn’t wrong to be upset at him. And that defense? I don’t even want to talk about how bad they are.

In the end, Dez made a huge catch on the final drive, Romo threw the game-winning touchdown, and Jared lasted another week in survivor football. Not bad, but too much sweating. I hate the Cowboys for making me waste that much luck for what should’ve been a moderately easy win. Adrian Peterson almost singlehandedly ruined my weekend. You can never go wrong betting on a man that wants to win this badly though:

Romo cheat

Boston Beatdown
The hot streak for Boston sports continued on Sunday as the Patriots steamrolled the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you are a Celtics fan, don’t cry to me, I know it is tough out there right now, but enjoy the success of the Sox and Pats and try to move on. The Steelers look like they moved on themselves, I didn’t see a single player show up on defense. Old and slow does not even begin to describe what I saw out there.

Tom Brady was his dominant self once again. The sad news is that most people probably had him benched for someone like Alex Smith or Andy Dalton. Losing always sucks, but that probably hurts the most. Their run game also thrived and it should only get better with the return of Shane Vareen in Week 11. Things are looking up for Brady and the Pats.


Cutler Rodgers

Discount Double Take
You don’t have to look twice, the score is correct. The Bears and their backup quarterback did take down the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for the Cheeseheads, the Bears were playing against a backup quarterback as well. Aaron Rodgers left the game after the first drive with an injured shoulder and their offense was never the same.

Their run game was actually pretty dominant, which is weird because the Bears should be able to load the box and not have to worry about Seneca Wallace burning then, but Eddy Lacy had a monstrous day with 150 yards and a touchdown.

But all those rushing touchdowns mean nothing when you can’t stop the run yourself. The Bears were coached to perfection, including a gutsy fourth and inches call on their own side of the field. What was most impressive was the Bears' final drive, taking up a huge chunk of time and pushing their lead to seven. With no Aaron Rodgers, they basically sealed the game right there with under a minute left. I’d be worried about the Packers' future this season with the shoulder diagnosis of Rodgers in limbo.

Winless In Seattle
It should actually be sleepless in Seattle, but that would only pertain to me if I was in Seattle, because I really wanted the Buccaneers to win this game. It was really encouraging to see them get fired up after Mike James rip off a few big runs. After they were up 21-0, it looked like the Bucs would take down a beastly opponent and set the survivor football world on fire, but it simply was not meant to be.

What, am I wrong for expecting an NFL team to put away a game after being up that many points with two quarters left to win the game? I guess I should be, since Tampa’s team is the who’s who of, well random people. Mike Glennon, Mike James, and Timothy Wright? I’m guessing they won’t become household fantasy names in the near future. But I also didn’t think Nick Foles and Riley Cooper were going to shock the world this week either, so it really doesn’t matter what I think now, does it?


Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles
Do you want an E! True Hollywood Story? I almost started Nick Foles in one of my leagues. I didn’t know and it cost me. The Raiders played defense like the Jaguars play offense, but Foles made sure to capitalize on all their mistakes, so you should play him going forward, especially against the struggling Packers.

T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts
While this was his only other game with one or more touchdowns, he is going to be a major threat going forward. The absence of Reggie Wayne has boosted his value immensely.

Zac Stacy, St. Louis Rams
Vote now for the pick up of the month. I am going with Zac Stacy, who has been making it rain since Week 7. I like what the young gun is doing, and he is going to be able to do it against the Colts, as well.

Jerricho Cotchery, Pittsburgh Steelers
There will be many of you who can’t resist the temptation, but I would not waste a bench spot on Cotchery unless you are desperate. His extreme inconsistency makes him a risky add.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans
In fear of jinxing him, all I will say is play him against the Jags and pray Shonn Greene stops vulturing touchdowns.

Rashad Jennings, Oakland Raiders
While he had a big game, it is unclear as to the extent of the McFadden injury. Any missed time just adds value to Jennings’s stock.

Aaron Dobson, New England Patriots
It was good to see the rookie breakout, but I can’t trust Dobson week in and week out just yet. There will be a lot of mouths to feed once Thompkins returns, not to mention Vereen and the rest of their running backs.

Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers
Unlike Dobson, I would trust Allen to score me the big points down the stretch, and especially next week against Denver.

Mike Brown, Jacksonville Jaguars
With the suspension of Justin Blackmon, Brown will have to step up and partially fill the void. He has shown some promise, and he makes for a very sneaky waiver grab.

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