Hope Solo Isn’t Doing Herself Any Favors

Hope Solo Attention

Former United States Women’s National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo expressed recently that not only has she learned a lot from her not so clean history, but that she is ready to come back and play for the USWNT. Yet, nothing she actually said in the interview on 60 Minutes Sports actually showed or proved that she learned anything. Or, that she was ready to come back and play in a respectable position on one of the best soccer teams in the world.

If you don’t remember exactly why she was kicked off the team, allow me to jog your memory. For the longest time, she was kept on the squad despite the constant drama. Despite the negative light she brought to the organization. Acts such as allowing her then-boyfriend (now husband) to drive a team van under the influence. How about when she repeatedly punched her nephew? And so on.

But the last straw was this past summer at the Olympics. After falling to Sweden, Solo called them a “bunch of cowards.

Obviously frustrated, the organization had enough with Solo’s bad behavior. They had enough of her constant need to be the center of negative attention. So in turn, they cut her. Rightfully so, in my opinion. Let’s not forget Solo’s other dismissal from the team in 2007 after making ugly comments about teammate Brianna Scurry.

If there’s nothing else I’ve learned in my lifetime through soccer, it’s that there are some people you just cannot take as seriously. Especially not when it comes to their word. But during her interview on 60 Minutes Sports, Solo extended her old habit of bad-mouthing, calling coach Jill Ellis a “poor leader and a bad tactician.” No matter who believes this to be the case—and I know A LOT of people who agree on this—there is no way that Solo could have thought that saying something like this would have been helpful. Not if she’s looking to rejoin the USWNT.

If the fate of your career was in the hands of a single person, would you jump to bad-mouthing them on a televised platform? Probably not. It just goes to show you how not only have many fans put Solo on a pedestal, but she has put herself up there as well. She seems to think it doesn’t matter what she says or does. Because after all, isn’t she the best in the world?

Hope Solo definitely has a lot of seniority in the net. With many titles, wins and great accomplishments strapped into her gloves, she has a reason to be cocky. But at what point does she realize her days of being cocky are over? She might have been one of the best keepers to step between the sticks. But plenty of credit belongs to her defense, especially towards the end of her career. I would argue that in the last five years or so, she’s been mediocre at best.

If you’re an athlete long past your prime, out of practice and already in the hot seat, maybe you should avoid belittling the person who holds your future in their hands.

In vintage Solo fashion, though, she just cannot stay away from attention. Turns out, Solo has entered into a deal with INvelop Entertainment to develop and produce a completely unscripted sports medical television series called The Cutting Edge. She would host and follow athletes alongside the risk of sports injuries, treatment and rehab. Her constant desire for attention comes as no surprise, but maybe this could be the better path for her.

Since her acting out gets old quickly, maybe it’s time to hang the boots up and find a brighter path.

Hope Solo Attention

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